Can Dermal Fillers Help Your Skin From Sagging?

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical, facial cosmetic treatments around. These injectable fillers plump up the skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and leave you with a fresher, younger looking face. Using clever active ingredients that mimic the skin’s natural defence against ageing, these fillers are considered one of the safest and most effective treatments around for anti-ageing. But can they really help your skin from sagging? Let’s take a closer look.

What are dermal fillers?

Let’s start with what exactly dermal fillers are. This facial cosmetic treatment involves a professional practitioner injecting a gel, usually hylauronic acid, into your skin. Rather than putting an alien substance into your body, hylauronic acid is a naturally occurring component of skin, a molecule that retains water at 1000x its size. Skin instantly looks fuller, fresher and less saggy after it has been injected with this substance. Dermal fillers last for around six months, before you will need to return to the clinic for another treatment. This sort of treatment is available in all major cities in Ireland and some smaller towns too. Wherever you go, though, do check carefully that the practitioner is licensed, so whether you are looking for dermal fillers in Dublin, Cork or Limerick make sure you do your research first.

Why does my skin sag?

In most people skin starts sagging around their 20s or early 30s. Skin sags because it begins to lose fat and elasticity and because your body stops producing as much collagen. In fact, collagen production reduces by about 2% each year after your mid-twenties. Collagen is the stuff that keeps your skin plump, but as time goes on, what your body does still produce stays hidden deeper underneath the skin layers.

Can dermal fillers reduce sagging?

Yes they can, as well as work to fill fine lines, creases and wrinkles. When your skin is injected with a dermal filler, it is effectively ‘filled’. In the same way that you can fill a balloon with air, the external surface appears less saggy than before. Dermal fillers restore lost volume to the skin, which of course gives the appearance of improvement from sagging, but also an improvement in the appearance of those fine lines, creases, wrinkles, jowls and folds that naturally appear.

Where shall I go for a dermal filler?

You should only go to licensed dermal filler practitioners. Those looking for dermal fillers in Dublin should head to experienced, reputable firms such as Facial Rejuve. Remember that a dermal filler is not a permanent solution, but it will offer around six months’ worth of less saggy and more youthful looking skin.

As you can see, dermal fillers such as Juvederm can help enormously with the appearance of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. If you are noticing that your skin is starting to sag, especially in the cheeks, or forehead, then consider a dermal filler which will temporarily fill the area and bring new life to your face.